Garden Room Ideas

Nothing can stop you now! Ideas to make it happen when you didn’t think it could. And if you want us to be, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

A beautiful restful space in the garden by Regency Garden Rooms

Rethinking storage

Don’t think you’ve got room in your back garden? Don’t let a tired old shed stand in your way!

Existing sheds take up valuable space. Free yourself by incorporating garden tools and  items in a special area in your new Garden Room. You can even give the storage area a separate external entrance. Alternatively, you could augment your new room with a ‘sentry box’ style tool store or something similar tucked away in a less obvious position.


Often it isn’t necessary to include any new landscaping with a garden room, but a new viewpoint can sometimes make you see your garden in a new light. There are times when a new path, steps or paved area makes all the difference. It’s worth thinking about routes to and from your new space as you put it in (and it’s certainly a cost that somehow doesn’t get mentioned on other websites). Again, this is something where we can work with you to get the best value result.

Let the light in

Fitting skylights to Garden Office or Studio roofs (during the build or even retro-fitting them) is a bit of an art, especially if they aren’t included in the original kit or prefabrication. The trick is to let the light in and keep the weather out and that means a good quality installation by committed craftsmen. The good news is that we’ve done so many of these that we can tell you what’s possible and what alternatives might work if it isn’t.

Have it your way

Even the best designed prefabricated buildings don’t have much flexibility when it comes to siting internal walls, windows and doors. We can help you choose the most adaptable designs right at the start, or if you’ve already bought one,  move items to suit what you need rather than what it is easy for a factory to make.


This is something we can certainly help you with; permission for even a new outbuilding is often not required providing it meets certain requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more for yourself, have a look here:

But don’t worry – if you need any assistance with planning and design, we will supply it,

Remember though, if you need to apply for Planning Permission to build the final version of your garden room, you’ll need to allow for an application fee of around £170 in your budget.

No Hardstanding?

No worries – modern outbuildings can use alternative foundation systems to the traditional concrete block area. This means that installation is faster, cleaner, cheaper and it’s easier to return the ground to its original state should you ever want to move your garden room (even to another house).

Highs and Lows

At the design stage, we can help build in lots of ongoing savings, with high security, high energy efficiency and low maintenance all in the specification. Often this is not necessarily at extra cost but it does need a bit of experience to know how to get the best out of the design, the site and the materials. That’s where we come in.

Money, Money, Money

Everyone will always ask you about your budget when you start a Garden Room project. When we help you design and build, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money well in advance. We’ll even point out potential areas that you could do yourself if you want to bring a personal touch to the space and save yourself some money at the same time.

Hang on a minute…..

Even in the best planned jobs there are always last minute snags, unforeseen problems and changes of circumstance (not to say changes of mind!). With Regency, you’ll always have a single point of contact with your own dedicated project site manager, someone who’s used to solving these sorts of contingencies and problems every day. We know building work can be a bit of an upheaval, so our approach makes sure peace of mind comes as part of our package.