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CASE STUDY No 1 / Alan – Garden Room

Case Studies image - page study 1 main imageShaun did the bulk of the work building a garden room. He is very competent at what he does and is entirely dependable.

I had no fears on security as Shaun worked alongside short term specialist contractors for electrics, roofing etc protecting my interests on my behalf.

The project was a complete success and I subsequently asked Shaun to fit an additional UPVC door in the back of the garage.

If any potential future customers of Shaun’s have any questions in regard to his work, they can contact me direct.

CASE STUDY No 2 / Chris and family – Garden Room Design and Build

Case studies - A recently completed garden room by Regency Garden Rooms
Bloomin’ marvellous! Tea anyone?

I had an old, very large shed at the bottom of the garden that needed replacing. It was both too large and yet too battered to be anything useful, so out it went. Unfortunately, half of an old boundary wall went with it. It’s hard to say which was propping up the other, but either way, they both had to go. That’s when I contacted Shaun to give me some ideas of what we might be able to work out about a replacement.

The first thing was to clear the site – Shaun and his team took down the rest of the wall, cleaned up and sorted through the old bricks, stacking them on one side for us to use later on, although at that point I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with them. Pretty soon, the concrete slab that had been under the old shed was cleared of debris and found to be good enough to keep as the foundation for the new building.

I had already looked at various kits, but none of them seemed to quite fit either the unusual space, or our needs. I wanted an outbuilding that could be used as an office, an art studio or just another sitting room. It had to have some storage both for mucky items like bikes and garden tools as well as for materials, office gear and the like. Clearly, the main part of it would have to be insulated, and as the cabin would dominate the view from the downstairs windows of the house, it had to be easy on the eye.

It’s not often that you’ll find someone willing to start a project with you when you’re not quite sure what you want, but you know that you haven’t found what you need. Shaun is just that sort of guy and Regency is that sort of company.

With him he brought years of experience as a manager, designer, hands-on craftsman, bricklayer, builder. The custom build went incredibly smoothly, due entirely to Shaun’s patience, know how, professionalism and good humor.

The finished rooms are just fantastic, more than we knew we needed and representing amazing value for money. Having compared build and material costs with others who’ve used kits or log cabin designs, it’s clear that we got twice the space and three times the quality, all for less money. The space is warm in winter and cool in summer, thanks to Shaun’s farsightedness in the way he designed and built the timber frame, chose the level of insulation and clad the outside.

The pent roof, the skylights, the design and installation of the decking and the brick patio are all his innovations and all at minimal costings. I particularly like the way the building incorporates an old apple tree into its floor plan without making a fuss about it while still remaining practical. I still enjoy to this day all Shaun’s fabulous finishing touches; it’s the fine detailing that provide the clue to his innate sense of how materials can and should be used.

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